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Insight Development

We transform raw data into actionable insights using analytics & Data Science

Data Exploration

We help companies understand patterns, trends and relationships in their data that can produce real ROI

Hadoop Strategy

We help companies develop a strategy for implementing Hadoop & building analytics with Data Science


Legacy Migration

We migrate existing application environments from traditional data warehousing/BI platforms to the Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Jumpstart

We enrich the knowledge canvas of company resources and render them efficient in the Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Implementation

We help companies implement production Hadoop environments complete with security, high-availability and multi-tenancy

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Written by Spry

A SELECT or COUNT query in Hive will be executed as a MapReduce job even if the queries are made against a small table or dataset.  Imagine that you want to execute one of these queries which should only take a few seconds... for example, the situation where the set up and tear down of the Hadoop job probably takes longer than the actual work portion of the job.  Also imagine that another user has a complex and long-running job already executing on the cluster.  Bad news for your job.  If you're using mostly Hadoop default settings for the YARN scheduling algorithm, it's possible that your simple job won't be executed until the other is finished.

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Written by Spry

When building a dashboard in Tableau, the analyst may want to filter many worksheets with a single filter selection.

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Written by Spry

We recently ran into a weird problem whereby Oozie jobs would not progress past the PREP mode. Running the latest Hortonworks Data Platform v2.0.6.0release. Turns out that the port number we were using for the jobtracker was not correct. The correct jobtracker port turned out to be 8050. We were trying to use port 8021. Here is the job.properties file that ended up working:

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